• Exam Questions (Hemtentor) There are a few advantages to using the quiz function to set exam questions:

    You have access to more flexible time settings, which is sometimes useful for those studying on quarter or half-speed courses, and have other activities which they also do parallel to their studies. You can for example have your questions open for students to do during the course of a few days, but from the moment the student opens the questions, they have exactly two hours to write.

    When you correct exam questions, Canvas keeps count of the number of points, and will add them upp correctly.

    If none of these functions are important for you, it works equally well to set essays as assignments.

    The working method is a lot like setting up a self-marking quiz If you would like a reminder of how to do this, please watch the video on the Self-marking quiz page.

    You should choose Graded quiz as the quiz type. You probably don't want the options to allow the ability to redo the quiz or for the students to be able to see the correct answer.

    Question types You can use self-marking questions in an exam, but there are two question types that require marking by a teacher. Both of these are very simple to set up because you do not need to specify any correct answers.

    Essay question (with text entry) Essay question

    Question type: Essay question Specify the maximum possible number of points for the essay Write in the question. You can include photos or videos here if needed Update the question when you have finished writing

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