As a school bus driver I have discovered what I consider to be a very hazardous situation for residents and professionals trying to exit to north side of the Woodland Shores sub-division. I understand that Legacy Park and the surrounding areas are trying to keep the natural beauty of the land incorporated in the landscaping. It is a gorgeous area to drive through every day, in fact probably one of the favorite parts of my day. The problem lies in trying to make a left turn heading north on Blackwell out of Woodland Shore Dr. on the north side. The landscaping in the median includes some rather large cedar trees that block the view of oncoming northbound traffic. It is always a guessing game even in a large vehicle, I can't imagine what it must be like in a car. The natural prairie grasses are sometimes hinderance enough when they grow tall in the summer but the trees added to that have really become a nuisance for drivers that spend their day always thinking about safety. Perhaps this can be remedy with another equally beautiful but still natural looking landscaping choice. I too am bored with green lawns grasses and maple trees but perhaps there are shorter choices than the very full cedars currently in place. Thanks for your time. 

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