I am interested in the expansion of Pryor Road between Scheerer and MO-150.  My main priority would be the addition of sidewalks on Pryor.  My kids attend Hawthorne Hill Elemementary and there are no sidewalks for us to walk to the school from our neighborhood, Eagle Creek.  We live less than a mile from the school and feel this is necessary.  There are many sidewalks north of Scheerer, from Longview north or to the west of us on Ward and it would be nice to have some on Pryor as well.  There is a large number of runners in our neighborhood also that would use the sidewalks if we had them. 

9 Votes Acknowledged
Brandi Stratman almost 7 years ago

I agree that sidewalks are needed on Pryor Road.  We are an active community and I am sure many of our families would utilize them on a regular basis to walk kids to and from school.  There are many benefits to walking to school, unfortuantely, it is not an option for our kids.

Jeff Garrels almost 7 years ago

Eagle Creek Resident

IN regards to the B-6 Project:

I encourage any members of this said board to visit Pryor RD during a summer weekend or even in the Fall, Spring months.  The stretch from Longview to Hook is a major avenue for people walking, riding bikes etc.  I have at time seen over 30 bikes at one time as this path provides connections to established routes for riders. 

In addition this stretch of Pryor is used for walking for school children walking, running, and recreational bike use.  I am just not suprised that there has not been a fatality thus far.  This is especially importatn from the stretch of road from Scherer to Hook where there are several blink spots due to the hilly terrain.

Please use the money to extend and sidewalk the area....

Rick Krepps almost 7 years ago

Eagle Creek resident and cycling enthusiast

Pryor is a direct tie into the Longview Lake area and Longview road paths.  Shoulders and walk/bike paths are a needed improvement and supports the livable streets plan.

Rick Krepps

President Bike America Racing   

Bernell Rice almost 7 years ago

I would strongly encourage any effort to obtain funding for the Pryor Road shoulder improvements. This road is an important linkage in our community and would get more walking biking traffic if it was improved. Thank you.

Eric Kratz almost 7 years ago

Pryor Road is a route for well over 1000 homes.  This is a very busy road for motorists.  The road is also used by walkers, cyclist, and runners. This creates a very dangerous situation as there are only grass shoulders that are not safe.  Motorist and others would benefit from a paved should on both sides of Pryor.  I would also recommend a sidewalk from Eagle Creek to Hook for children and parents wishing to walk.  

Rick Krepps almost 4 years ago

The Pryor Road shoulders are a huge improvement. However the shoulders are hazardous to walkers, cyclists and runners because the shoulders are not cleaned on any regular basis. Anything an everything is laying in the shoulder area. Is there any routine cleaning ? Is there any plans to mark the shoulders as bike/run/walk paths?

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